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2016 ICAW Conference


Join us for the 8th Annual ICAW Conference on September 30th and October 1st!  

There will be games, prizes, kids' classes, guest speakers, and much more! 



Dinky's Auction Building

9084 E 500 N, Montgomery, Ind. 47558


September 30, 2016:

7:00 AM               Doors open for exhibitor set up

10:00 AM             Doors open to breeders/public

1:00 PM                Opening by ICAW President John Lapp + Board

1:30 PM                Dr. Bramlage (Revival Animal Health)

2:30 PM                Booth visits

3:00 PM                Dr. Marsh (Indiana BOAH…Updates Within the State)

3:15 PM                Donna Chandler (Behavior/Training)

4:15 PM                Police Dog Presentation

5:30 PM                Dinner (with special guest speaker)

6:30 PM                 Auction


October 1, 2016

7:30 AM               Doors open

8:30 AM               Opening by ICAW President + Board

8:50 AM               Bernadette Juarez (USDA)

9:00 AM               Kids Class with USDA

9:05 AM               Exhibitor Presentation

10:00 AM             Booth Visits

10:30 AM             Session 1 Round Tables*

11:00 AM             Session 2 Round Tables*

11:30 AM             Session 3 Round Tables*

12:00 PM             Lunch

12:45 PM             Session 4 Round Tables*

1:15 PM                Session 5 Round Tables*

1:45 PM                Booth Visits

2:15 PM                Session 6 Round Tables*

2:45 PM                Conclusion by ICAW – Prizes


*Discussions will include: Kennel Design and Curb Appeal; Marketing/Credibility; Artificial Insemination; Veterinary Car; Rehoming; Nutrition 


There will be transportation provided for each breeder area attending the 2 day event. Call your Chapter President for more info.



Gasthof Amish Village…..812-486-2600 (7 miles)                              

Holiday Inn Express……812-254-6666 (15 miles)

Baymont Inn…………….812-254-7000 (16 miles)  

Theroff’s Motel…………812-254-4279 (14 miles)

**Make your reservations soon, as it may be busy due to horse sale that weekend.